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Officers: Liza Weidle (President),  Jordan Samuel (Treasurer), 
Linda Sturdivant (VP), Beth McNally (Secretary).

Board Members: Beth Ayers, Dick Hurley, and Janison Dillon

Advisory Board: Babs Wagner, Catherine Joyner, Fred Ames, Lane Tracey. Jason Mahoney, and Kate Hinkle

Spotlight on a Volunteer: Babs Wagner


Babs Wagner, Friends of Wake GAL board member and volunteer for almost two decades was named "Tarheel of the Week" for Dec. 15, 2013. (picture on left courtesy of N&O)

 “Being a GAL has truly been the most purposeful thing I’ve done, second only to raising my four children.” 

"Babs is the epitome of a nurturing and giving spirit. Our community has benefited by her generosity and advocacy,” said Naeime Livingston, district administrator for the Wake GAL program. 

A Little Goes a Long Way

We are only able to offer these services to "our" children because of generous donations from our community.  The Friends are the funding source of last resort and fulfill needs that would otherwise go unmet. 

Because we are an all volunteer organization with less than .5% overhead, we are able to deliver our services - like some emergency basic needs, computers or camps, in the most cost effective manner possible.  Please consider the Friends when you are reviewing your charitable donations this year and make your tax deductible donations to "Friends of Guardian ad Litem" and send them to PO Box 4941, Cary NC 27519.

Spotlight on a Project: Computers for Kids:


Friends of Wake GAL partners with local IT professionals including Teaming for Technology (T4T) and and the United Way of the Greater Triangle to bring computers to children in need across the county.  In 2013, more than 40 computers were given to children who were struggling with their academics because they didn't have access to computers in their homes. The Friends Computer Donation program was established to provide school-aged children in need with a computer, a printer and computer programs to provide them with the digital tools that have become so widely used by school children today.  The Friends organization purchases refurbished computer systems from Teaming for Technology, an organization within the United Way of the Greater Triangle.  This system consists of a computer with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office installed, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.  To this package we add a printer and a flash drive, as well as anti-virus and anti-malware software, Microsoft Student with Encarta and Microsoft Math, as well as a variety of software utilities.     

The computer systems are provided for the use of children identified to the Friends by their Guardian ad Litem and/or Social Worker, or some other appropriate source, with the specific intent and understanding that it will remain in the physical possession of the children.  It is to remain with them should their physical or legal guardianship change.   Ownership of this computer system is specifically not granted or transferred to any individual or facility with whom the children might reside.   Should the children undergo a permanent change of residence the computer should accompany them when they move.  If circumstances prevent this from happening the system may not remain in their former residence; it should be removed into the temporary custody of the Social Worker or Guardian ad Litem for safekeeping until it can be returned to the children.  

If you are working with a child whom you believe is an appropriate candidate for this program, send an email to computersforkids@FriendsofWakeGAL.org stating your relationship to the child (GAL, social worker, other) and a brief statement describing the child’s current situation and the difference this grant would make in their life.  You will receive a response containing a Friends of the Wake County Guardian ad Litem Grant Application form, and instructions for completing the form and forwarding the request for consideration.

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Friends of Wake GAL Projects


Guardian Angel Tree Holiday Project: With the help of 100s of volunteers and generous sponsors, we are able to provide holiday gifts to abused, neglected and homeless children in care. In 2013, we set a record! 1,114 benefited from this special project that was made possible through $160,000 worth of in-kind donations from donors and sponsors.


The Back to School with Pride Project: We provide book bags filled with school supplies so each child is ready for success. For the 2013-2014 school year, more than 500 abused, neglected and needy children received backpacks and school supplies fro The Friends of Wake County Guardian ad Litem Program. Thank you to our volunteers Babs Wagner and Ellen Rondi for their leadership efforts!

Summer Camp Project
Last summer, 47 at-risk children had the chance to be a kid again at camp. Some of the children experienced opportunities to learn life skills and receive special tutoring in academics. Applications available in April. 

Special Needs Grant: We provide one-time assistance to families and children in order to meet specific needs including needed dental care, bedding and heat for a home.

Support for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) training

 In 2013,  81 Guardians ad Litem received special training that included food and gifts from our Kappa Alpha Theta partners. 
Next training class is planned for April 2014.

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