Tax Deductions for GAL's



  • Mileage: .14 cents per mile driven attending Friends of Wake GAL mtgs, visits to see foster children, court hearings, etc can be deducted from income tax. Jordan recommended putting the information into a spreadsheet with headings for date, purpose and miles driven.

  • Parking fees and highway tolls:  Keep the receipts you receive when you pay to park at the lots when attending hearings on behalf of the foster child (ren) or other places you may be required to pay for tolls or parking to attend to the needs of the children on your cases.  


For more resources, download this pdf file with local and national nonprofits who can help provide essentials such as clothing to documents that may help with completing court reports.


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Legislative Advocacy Teams










Texas CASA is developing Legislative Advocacy Teams throughout the state to work with Texas CASA and their local CASA programs to develop and promote policy agendas to improve the child welfare system. There are currently 21 LATs in place that are led by volunteer advocates and/or board members and work with staff liaisons in each CASA program to build relationships with legislators, develop policy agendas to improve the child welfare system with Texas CASA, and motivate and empower others in the local CASA program to advocate for those improvements.

If implemented in North Carolina, the LATs could begin work now to help benefit foster youth. A great example of a legislator at work is N.C. Senator Tamara Barringer who introduced several bills this session that benefit youth.  Senate Bill 424 is set for the budget committee. This bill would expand foster care benefits for youth until they are 21 years old, rather than the current 18. About 500 youth age out of foster care in North Carolina each year. Research shows that the youth who don’t have support are more likely to commit crimes, be on public assistance and find themselves homeless. 

Please email if you would like the handouts from the LAT workshop.